A parcel of mixed emotions

My two purchases arrived today, the bloody cutsew is too too small. Alas, I have the meaty forearms of a Thomas Hardy milkmaid and as the cutsew fabric has very little give, so there is problem.

The Marie Antionette JSK on the other hand fits like a dream. The waist is low and it has a nicely concealed panel of front shirring. I can't get over how old school it looks, lots and lots of lace. The pattern is pleasingly intricate and the colour is an interesting combination of lilac and purple grey. The condition is pretty good for the price, the fabric feels a little worn and a portion of the neckline lace has come apart from the fabric.

I have now purchased my two dream prints!

Has also bought this from Mary Magdalene

AANND a Baby Marie Antionette dress in pink which has been something I have hungered for several years. I kept chasing blue, but was never able to see it for less than £200. It cost me £56 in the end, which seems a little low so I hope the condition is passable. Any ideas of coords?

Delicious parcels

I paid off the last of my wedding debt this month and had a little money left over so I purchased a Angelic Pretty Secret Garden skirt in white and a useful Innocent World bag. Photobucket

A glorious weekend!

I made my own mackerel pate, saw a huuge bonfire and went shopping with Seran!

We spent 4 hours in John Lewis and had much cake. With her help I have bought a sewing machine.


Oh Friends List, I really want this but alas it features the rainbow text of an Ebay seller and is likely to be crap. Imagine the dramatic swoosh as I left a room. ~The flouncing possibilities alone are endless.



Stupid twat yammering away on Skype opposite me while I am trying to get some work done. I have put headphones on and tried to drown him out. Started with Classical and moved onto something heavy as I could still fucking hear him.

Ah typing things up in Word and angry music....Good times.... Like being a teenager again



 You lied to me Parcelforce, Baby wrote the address perfectly. But as my parasol turned up okay despite its twice round the world trip so no vengeance will be visited upon you!

Have I mentioned my other parasol....IT LOOKS LIKE THIS


The handle looks like toffee!

Da Dum Dum Dum

I am getting married this summer! Grey's Inn have given us permission and it is full steam ahead.

With the wisdom generated by many hours on the internets I am not joining any wedding communities, reading any special magazines or reading any newspapre articles.

The reason for this is that wedding media tends to broadly run along 3 main themes...

1. I am a tool of the patriarchy and perpetrating my own oppression by clinging onto discredited religious dogma.
2. I am a gold digging female, oppressing M's natural evolutionary urge to spread his seed by enforcing monogamy on him. I will shortly be breeding madly and give up my job to gain weight just to spite him.
3. I should be sobbing with joy that a precious male has validated my womanhood and making every effort to have a wedding that looks like Jordan's.

I am therefore going to follow the good, wholesome wedding advice laid down by nineties COCK ROCK