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Custom House calfskin leather Classic shoes

I have seen a few reviews for Custom House shoes, but none for the calfskin option.

For reference, I have owned shoes by Bodyline and several Ebay replica sellers. I have tried on brand shoes, but never owned a pair.

I ordered these through Clobba. They have a good online reputation and I was very pleased with their service. Martin kept in contact, apologised for any delays and gave me some advice regarding the size and construction of the shoes. I am going to focus on the shoes themselves for this review.

I had been part of the Victorian Maiden replica boots order, but had my deposit was going to be refunded (as volunteered by Clobba) as the process was taking so long. Instead I asked for a pair of Custom House Shoes Model 1053 to be made in calfskin leather. The total for the shoes was $49.95 and the shipping was $17. I was also charged a $1.51 Paypal fee.

The model can be found here http://clobbaonline.com/index.php?p=1_5

I placed my order on the 14/06 and they were ready on the 22/07. There was a delay in shipping as I had to confirm a shipping address (was between flats at the time)

Martin sent me an email with the tracking number together with a picture of the parcel with the address clearly visible. The parcel was posted on the 29/07 and arrived a week later.

The parcel was very well packed. The shoes were inside individual dust bags, wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a shoe box. The show box was wrapped in a thick plastic bag.

The shoes themselves! You can see the tissue paper stuffed in the toes.

The soles of the shoe.

Close up of the bow on the toe. I have had issues with bows in the past, these seem pretty sturdy.

Close up of the straps.

Side view of the shoes.

Quaity wise I am pleased with the shoes. The leather appears to be of adequate quality for the price. I have worn these to work and the surface hasn't flaked or wrinkled.

Unlike other replica shoes I have these have proper arch support and soles of a comfortable thickness.

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