lowly_concubine (lowly_concubine) wrote,

Loli Washing Powder!

I had yesterday off for the first time in quite a while. I had a lovely lie in and went shopping with Marcus in central London.

First we went to Liberty to pick up some nice soap and I found this in the Bath section.

It is deliciously scented posh washing powder (for machines or handwashing) and I think it's probably supposed to be for knickers. Perfect for all things lolita though!

We mooched around Carnaby Street for a while. One of the few independent shops left there is the glorious <.a href=http://www.dollydare.com/>Dolly Dare all their stock is made by two London based seamstresses.

Their concept is very vintage in feel but does not actually confirm to any particular decade. it has a distinctly early sixties feel to me, but the style of the dresses is very fitted (the silhouettes I saw had a seventies top half combined with a fifties skirt) rather than the classic mod 'shift' style. It is super girly, but rather rambunctiously so.

I love their petticoats (or tutus they call them) which come in the most amazing range of colours. Marcus was very kind and bought one for me:D The lady in the shop says that each one uses 13 meters of fabric!

Here it is all rolled up in the bag

I picked a peach coloured one (I had been tempted by red. In case I needed to use it for emergencies in a Railway Children fashion) The picture below is more true to the colour.

The artwork on the bags is amazing...They have to be one of the only shops in the world whose carrier bags feature full frontal nudity!

It was then off to Camden to meet Kyra, Dome, Memze, Phoebe, Finlay and Dodo for amazing nitrogen ice cream and to be photographed by tourists. Well...I think they included me out of kindness as I wasn't nearly as well dressed as the others:D Still makes me happy though!

All in all an excellent day off

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