Custom House calfskin leather Classic shoes

I have seen a few reviews for Custom House shoes, but none for the calfskin option.

For reference, I have owned shoes by Bodyline and several Ebay replica sellers. I have tried on brand shoes, but never owned a pair.

I ordered these through Clobba. They have a good online reputation and I was very pleased with their service. Martin kept in contact, apologised for any delays and gave me some advice regarding the size and construction of the shoes. I am going to focus on the shoes themselves for this review.

I had been part of the Victorian Maiden replica boots order, but had my deposit was going to be refunded (as volunteered by Clobba) as the process was taking so long. Instead I asked for a pair of Custom House Shoes Model 1053 to be made in calfskin leather. The total for the shoes was $49.95 and the shipping was $17. I was also charged a $1.51 Paypal fee.

The model can be found here

I placed my order on the 14/06 and they were ready on the 22/07. There was a delay in shipping as I had to confirm a shipping address (was between flats at the time)

Martin sent me an email with the tracking number together with a picture of the parcel with the address clearly visible. The parcel was posted on the 29/07 and arrived a week later.

The parcel was very well packed. The shoes were inside individual dust bags, wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a shoe box. The show box was wrapped in a thick plastic bag.

The shoes themselves! You can see the tissue paper stuffed in the toes.

The soles of the shoe.

Close up of the bow on the toe. I have had issues with bows in the past, these seem pretty sturdy.

Close up of the straps.

Side view of the shoes.

Quaity wise I am pleased with the shoes. The leather appears to be of adequate quality for the price. I have worn these to work and the surface hasn't flaked or wrinkled.

Unlike other replica shoes I have these have proper arch support and soles of a comfortable thickness.

Loli Washing Powder!

I had yesterday off for the first time in quite a while. I had a lovely lie in and went shopping with Marcus in central London.

First we went to Liberty to pick up some nice soap and I found this in the Bath section.

It is deliciously scented posh washing powder (for machines or handwashing) and I think it's probably supposed to be for knickers. Perfect for all things lolita though!

We mooched around Carnaby Street for a while. One of the few independent shops left there is the glorious <.a href=>Dolly Dare all their stock is made by two London based seamstresses.

Their concept is very vintage in feel but does not actually confirm to any particular decade. it has a distinctly early sixties feel to me, but the style of the dresses is very fitted (the silhouettes I saw had a seventies top half combined with a fifties skirt) rather than the classic mod 'shift' style. It is super girly, but rather rambunctiously so.

I love their petticoats (or tutus they call them) which come in the most amazing range of colours. Marcus was very kind and bought one for me:D The lady in the shop says that each one uses 13 meters of fabric!

Here it is all rolled up in the bag

I picked a peach coloured one (I had been tempted by red. In case I needed to use it for emergencies in a Railway Children fashion) The picture below is more true to the colour.

The artwork on the bags is amazing...They have to be one of the only shops in the world whose carrier bags feature full frontal nudity!

It was then off to Camden to meet Kyra, Dome, Memze, Phoebe, Finlay and Dodo for amazing nitrogen ice cream and to be photographed by tourists. Well...I think they included me out of kindness as I wasn't nearly as well dressed as the others:D Still makes me happy though!

All in all an excellent day off

VM replica Boots!

LJ is being a little strange on this internet cafe computer and I can only type in Cyrillic! So am typing this on Word first.

I am putting up some more pictures of these boots as they need more orders for me to get mine quickly! ( sorry a little cheeky I know...)

(no subject)

I have taken the plunge and am ordering a pair of Victorian Maiden replica boots in red from Clobba. A little concerned by the fact that they have no actual original pictures yet and by the possibility I may have MOVED before they are delivered. Heigh ho.

This will be my only purchase this month. I intend to live within my means and achieve my savings goals. I am owed £130 from last month through a combination of a wrong tax code and my overtime payment being shunted to next month. Surely this is free money!

I am still having trouble with my Taobao order, I won't go into too much detail here as it may be a small company just having temporary difficulties and I don't want to besmirch their name just yet. Their customer service will open again after the 5 May so will tackle it then.

An experiment

Following a comment made by a helpful person which I read on egl recently, I wanted to test the theory that a 1950's style 'bullet' bra (like the one below) is the best type of fit for JSKs.


Photo from the What Katy Did website. Just to give you an idea of the type I mean.

The original commenter said that this type lifts your bust up to the point where it would be if it were smaller. It is also wire less, avoiding the pancake~like effect.

Me and Kyra set off to find What Katy Did in Portobello road, alas as it is rather prudishly considered 'adult' content by my browser, I cannot provide a link. They are quite a famous stockist of vintage style lingerie. It is tucked in a shopping centre next to the market itself.

The shopgirls were very helpful and friendly and the range of sizes was excellent. I picked up a peach silk one at the price of 29.50 GDP.

It looks pretty wierd and pointy when you put it on. But it really does the job. Excess boobage is not magically done away with, but the way they sit is far more flattering. Boob loaf is done away with and is replaced with two distinct breasts instead.

All in all, a success!